Step into a cocoon of wellness and complete relaxation, within our gorgeous premises. Let our Skin Specialists take control of your needs. Learn to Love the Skin your in!


Observ 520 Skin analysis Diagnosis treatment
Revolutionary technology diagnostic device, tracking health of sebaceous secretion, depth of melasma pigmentation, sun damage, also manifestation of skin conditions. we recommend a skincare range and concentrate on areas that need perfection, we can design a Skin programme to suit your needs to achieve the desired results.
Observ 520 Thorough Skin Consultation – 60mins $79.00  
Skin Consultation one on one with your Skin Specialist – 30mins $60.00
Every one hour facial has a complimentary skin consultation.

 Environ or Cosmedix  30min Facial & Skin Consultation
A facial for the people on the go, to achieve maximum results in minimum time. Relax and unwind with a thorough cleanse, tone, exfoliation, serum, mask for your skin type and moisturiser.
30mins – $87.00
A great treatment to have on the back as well, for hormonal Breakouts etc
30mins – $87.00

Adashiko 45min Facial & Skin Consultation – $99.00
Adashiko Collagen + Noni gel is a firm favourite for good reason, beautifully blending soothing and skin loving saviours to hydrate and renew your skin, double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, adashiko collagen mask, moisturiser

 Environ or Cosmedix 60min Facial & Skin Consultation
A facial designed for your specific skin type focusing on your concerns and leaving the skin totally rejuvenated. You will receive a thorough cleanse, exfoliation with steam, toner, facial massage, serum, mask, moisturiser and eye cream, you can also add on extra treatments with this facial, a peel, rolling or rubber mask treatments.
60mins – $145.00

Revitalising Eyelift Treatment
A revitalising treatment for around the eye area, effective for fatigue and dark circles, excellent draining techniques this can also be added to your facial treatment.
30mins – $65.00

DF Environ Advanced Facial Treatment/Decollage
DF Environ Advanced Cool Peel Treatment


All Environ DF Facials include the use of our Ionzyme DF facial machine to help enhance the penetration of the product for  greater results, Different serums are infused into the skin for different skin concerns.

Environ Advanced DF Facials      75mins $225.00
They are fantastic result driven facials with the use of our Ionzyme DF Machine, Different serums are infused into the skin for different skin concerns. Environ is Fantastic for everyone, regardless of age and gender. The formula of Environ is entirely based on the need to replenish all the essential skin nutrients lost by exposure to the sun and environmental factors. Every day our skin loses vitamins due to these factors which exacerbates the visible signs of ageing. The only way to effectively replenish these lost skin vitamins is through topical applications of Environs active ingredients.
Each facial is designed to target certain areas or concerns , so let our Skin Specialists choice the right Facial treatment for you, with the following:
Premature Ageing Facial
Pigmentation Facial
Acne Facial
Dehydration/Weaken Barrier Facial/Sensitised
Add -onYour own roller
15mins – $30.00
Add -on DF Decolletage area
15mins – $30.00

Environ Advanced Cool Peel DF Treatment    75mins $225.00
A results driven Cool Peel treatment is a non invasive intelligent skin peeling system, excellent results with acne skins, Acne Scarring and anti aging skins, add rolling into this facial for maximum results.


Cosmedix Clinical Peel Treatments

A Range of peeling agents used only by Advanced clinical professionals to enhance and improve the appearance of the skin, also helping increase cell renewal turnover and introducing high levels of nutrients to the skin, Let our Skin Therapists  design a Skin Programme to suit your needs, they will also explain how the step up system through the advanced Peels works.

Introductory Peels:
Cosmedix Blueberry Smoothie   – 45mins $180.00
Suitable for all skin types with exfoliating anti-oxidants for pure smooth exfoliation, preparation for the advanced step up peel system.
Cosmedix Pomegranate   – 45mins $180.00
15% Lactic Acid plus anti-oxidants, amazing results driven, more active than Vitamin E

Superficial Peels:
Benefit Peel  –   45mins $180.00
Effective retinol peel with 20% vitamin C for brightening and strengthening, results immediate
Clarity Peel   –  45mins $180.00
Five chirally correct acids, helps with acne, oil prone skins, 10% retinol and 4% salicylic acid and L-TCA

Maximum level Peel:
Resurface Blend Peel  –  45mins $200.00
Anti-ageing, visibly reduces signs of ageing and pigmentation, tightening and perfecting the skin.
Deep Sea Peel  –  45mins $200.00
Working with superficial lines, excellent for scarring, incredibly effective results that occur

Elite D-Tox Peel  – 45mins $200.00
The CosMedix Elite D-Tox Peel is synergistic blend of Chirally Correct acids that work deep within the skin to fight bacteria and heal acne lesions. The D-Tox Peel is a moderate-depth metabolic peel. This medical-strength exfoliating peel is excellent for all grades of acne, impure skin conditions and Rosacea sub-type 2 (Acne Rosacea).
A next generation peel, containing a blend of Salicylic Acid, L-Lactic Acid, Encapsulated Retinol Complex, D-Glucuronic Acid and Niacinamide. The D-Tox Peel provides deep exfoliation to resurface and decongest pores, while having a calming and anti-inflammatory benefit to the skin Unlike traditional salicylic acid peels that simply exfoliate the skin the CosMedix D-Tox Peel infuses the skin with Vitamin A and B3 to target the acne at the root. Making this a very affect acne facial treatment.

Elite Bene Factor Peel – 45 mins $200.00
The CosMedix Elite Bene-factor Peel containing Lactic and Salicylic acid which increases cell turnover, removes dead surface cells and softens the skin. The Bene-factor Resurfacing Peel by CosMedix Elite is an advanced exfoliating treatment. Packed with antioxidants from cherry, blueberry and pineapple, this peel also helps with aging, problem, oily and thickened skins. Together the acids soften, exfoliate and stimulate while lightening, brightening and repairing damage skin

Extra Layered peels or Masks  $60.00 extra
Add Dermaplanning to your Peel treatment, under the guidance of your Skin Therapist.

Advanced Treatments

Microdermabrasion Facials
A progressive and non-invasive treatment that uses the latest technology, a diamond head on the surface of the skin for epidermal abrasion that brings out newer, healthier looking skin. Used for imperfections, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and superficial scarring.

Microdermabrasion facial, face and décolletage area
30mins – $85.00
Microdermabrasion and glycolic peel together
45mins – $110.00

Dermatech Glycolic Peels
Glycolic peels are safe and effective on the skin. Using AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) which are natural products which penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.
Maintenance Glycolic peel  30mins  – $70.00
Added to a facial treatment Extra  – $50.00

Procell Microchanneling with Stem Cell Growth Factors (3rd in New Zealand with this Treatment
NEW Advanced Technology. Procell Therapies is a new, non-invasive biotechnology that’s offered nowhere else in New Zealand! Through a microchanneling delivery serum that utilises stem cells found naturally in bone marrow, this process has proven to induce healing in the skin without scars or lasting inflammation. The process delivers a breathtaking transformation, reducing fine lines, acne, stretch marks and more whilst promoting collagen for longer-lasting results. So, if you’re looking to improve your skin’s elasticity, texture and tone, with a treatment that gives you the best look policy, Procell Therapies is the one to try. The process is acceptable for all skin types and is fairly non-invasive, with a quick recovery time.  The micro-stamping device, approved by Medsafe, creates a small, controlled skin injury that triggers healing, tricking the body into creating the two key building components for clear skin: collagen and elastin. These are the ‘microchannels’ that make up the Procell’s namesake, small enough to fit inside a hair follicle.

Procell Microchanneling Facial/Hair Treatments
Consultation  – $30.00

Facial Procell Microchanneling Treatments
Procell Face – 45mins  – $$380
Procell Face & Neck – 45mins  – $500.00
Procell Face & Neck & Decolletage –  60mins  – $650.00
Procell Face & Neck & Decolletage & Hands – 60mins – $800.00

Body Procell Microchanneling Treatments
Procell Body POA -45mins-$380+

Package Procell Microchanneling Treatments
Procell Face – 45mins – (3xPackage) $1140
Procell Face & Neck – 45mins – (3xPackage) $1500.00
Procell Face & Neck & Decolletage60mins – (3xPackage) $1950.00
Procell Face & Neck & Decolletage & Hands – 60mins (3xPackage) $2400.00

Hair Procell Microchanneling Treatments/Packages
Procell Hair Growth – 30mins-$320+
Procell Hair Growth -30mins-(x6 Packages) $1920.00+

All Packages will come with a complimentary PDT Light Therapy treatment valued at $75 each


 IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment (under IPL)
Reduces pigmentation, red veins, fine lines.
Consultation – $30.00

Carbon Facials/China Doll Facials
60 Mins$180
The Carbon Facial, also known as the ‘China Doll Facial’ or ‘Hollywood Facial’, is an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment that was first made popular in Asia to achieve a flawless complexion. It is now in demand the world over.

  • Tightens and reduces enlarged pores
  • Cleans, tones and purifies congested complexions
  • Treats acne/blackheads and reduces acne scarring
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin smoothness and clarity
  • Reduces appearance of skin discolorations
  • Exfoliates dead, dry and coarse skin cells
  • Stimulates new collagen and elastin production
  • Promotes an instantly brighter, more radiant skin tone
  • Results get better with each treatment
PDT Led Light emitting Diode Treatments
20 mins – $75.00  ( add onto any treatment)
LED is an effective treatment for all skin types, acne, roscea, dilated capillaries, with the specialist choosing specific wavelengths (colours) of the light spectrum, it can help with various skin concerns, excellent for post laser/IPL, also peels, so many benefits for such little time.

Red light Skin Rejuvenation – Increase circulation and oxygen in the blood, energies, activates cells, promotes collagen and elastin production faster
Blue Light Skin rejuvenation –
Helps kill Bacteria, assists with cell activation and injury recovery, 1 mm penetration depth
Infrared light –
Works around 3.5mm wavelength, flushes out toxins, decreases inflammation, helps with wound healing and production of cell tissue

 Botulinumtoxin Injections/ HA FIller/PRP/Plasma Fibroblast treatment

We have on site One Registered Nurses who specialises in Cosmetic Appearance Medicine. Passionate about providing treatments that achieve natural looking results.
A Consultation will cover all your questions and enables her to look at the areas you’re focusing on.
Dysport Anti wrinkle $16 per unit

Plasma Fibroblast treatment (Non surgical skin tightening cosmetic procedure)
Fibroblast is the worlds most advanced, non invasive skin lifting treatment used in a number of treatments to dramatically enhance looks without the need for surgery.
Improves wrinkle smoothing, eyelid tightening, eyelid hood reduction, tightens loose or sagging skin, dramatically reduces appearances of lines and wrinkles, reverses hyper pigmentation, virtually immediate and can last up to 3 years or more, all without suturing, scalpels, anesthetic or costly and invasive surgery.

Consultation                                                $30.00
(Consultation is complimentary if treatment is preformed on the day)

Upper eye lid lift Both Eyes                       $700.00
Under eye area lid lift both Eyes              $700.00
Both eye areas   Top or Bottom                $1350.00
Crows Feet                                                  $500.00
Top Lip                                                        $450.00
Bottom lip                                                   $450.00
Cheeks/Mid face lift                                  $1200.00
Nasolabial Folds                                        $600.00
Full Face Lift                                              $3000
Neck Lines                                                  $500
Stomach areas                                           $3000
Individual Skin Tags                                 $120.00
Knees                                                         $1200.00
Elbows                                                       $650.00
Between Brows                                        $400.00

Treatment times range from 1-4 hours, Price may be charged if needing a 17 week follow up appointment. Full thorough consultation is needed. all photowork is held on file.
( Finance payment plan is available on request.)Pay weekly or Monthly plans

Skin Rejuvenation
Red Vein/Skintags/Pigmentation

Reduces pigmentation, age spots and sunspots, reduces redness, reduction of fine broken capillaries, red veins and other minor vascular problems, improves skin texture and complexion.

Consultation Price –  $30.00
Test Patch – $60.00
(Consultation is free of charge if treatment is done on the day of consultation.)

Cheeks  – $150.00
Nose  – $150.00
Cheeks and Nose  – $299.00
Upper Lip/lower lip – $70.00
Neck  – $120.00
Face – $210.00
Face and Neck  – $250.00
Hands  – $120.00
Decolletage -$120.00
Sides of face – $90.00
Jaw –$75.00
Shoulders – $120.00
Between Brows – $60.00

Packages Face/Neck/Body

Revive Package
A pick me up revitalising package treatment, indulge in a purifying refresher 30min facial, followed by an aromatherapy back, neck, and 
shoulder massage, finishing off with a spa manicure.
2 hours$300.00

Tranquillity Experience
Enjoy a sensory journey of total relaxation which includes a rebalancing designer 60min facial, full body massage, followed by a foot ritual spa pedicure and a hand ritual spa manicure, which is finished off with a eye trio. This is a total pamper package!
4 hours – $515.00

Korrenes Full Face and Neck Package
Procell Face and Neck x 3 $1500 (over a four week period)
HIFU Neck lift $600 (one Visit)
Fibroblast under eye area $700 (one visit)
2.25 Hours$2800

Korrenes Body Lift Package
HIFU Upper arms $600 (one visit)
HIFU Stomach area $900 (one visit)
Procell Top of thigh area $1000 (one Visit)
2.5 Hours$2500

Ask our Therapists about our Love the skin your in Packages, Pay weekly or Monthly. We offer Layby/Afterpay/Gem Visa Credit card

Body Treatments/Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Purity Ritual Body Exfoliation
A total full body exfoliation, softly eliminating impurities and preserves the hydro-lipidic film on the skin, so the skin is left feeling smooth and supple. Finished off with a light hydration body moisturiser.
45mins – $85.00

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening
a 60min treatment broken into 3x 20minute sections, 1 treatment is enough to recieve a noticeable improvement in color, using a LED light


Body Exfoliation And Spray Tan
A total body exfoliation followed by a gorgeous Moroccan spray tan. (Wear loose clothing and allow several hours to dry)
60mins – $100.00

Moroccan Spray Tan
A gorgeous natural tan leaving the skin silky smooth with a healthy glow.
Full body – 20mins $69.00
Half body – 15mins $65.00

Magic Tan Private Spray Booth
A gorgeous natural private tan in our spray booth, total privacy.
Full Body – 20mins $80.00


Relaxing Scalp Massage
A relaxing massage of the scalp area to relieve tension. A sensational temple massage, as we focus on bringing the mind to a total relaxed state.
20mins – $45.00

An outstanding experience of total relaxation for the body and soul. A regular massage is important for the soul and also to remove toxins and waste.
Back, neck, and shoulder  30mins –  $89.00
Full body  60mins  – $120.00

Hot Stone Massage
Therapeutic lymph movement all over the body. The heat of the stones provides a healing effect. For muscle relaxation.
Back, neck, and shoulder  30mins – $99.00
Full body  60mins – $135.00

Foot Massage  30mins –$45.00


A permanent solution for unwanted hair on the face and body. A consultation is recommended for best results.
Consultation – $30.00
15mins – $54.00
30mins – $79.00
45mins – $100.00

Numbing $20.00

Red Vein, Skin Tags, Milia Removal

We can eliminate broken capillaries, which are red veins on cheeks, neck, and other areas of the body by using electrology. We can also remove the white spots that occur trapped under the skin. These treatments are quite gentle on the skin.
Consultation 15mins – $30.00
15min  – $90.00
30min  – $150.00
45min   $190.00

Includes Numbing for 20mins

Hands, Nails and Feet

Hand Ritual Spa Manicure
A luxury treatment for your hands and nails. A total shape of your nails,cuticle maintenance, buff and relaxing hand and arm massage with a polish of your choice for added elegance.

Express Manicure
For those who are busy,  but still want to maintain their manicure. Cut and file of your nails, cuticle work and polish
30mins – $55.00

Foot Ritual Spa Pedicure
A foot ritual spa treatment, indulge in an aromatic scrub with the removal of dead skin, cuticle care, a buff, followed by a foot and leg massage with a polish of your choice for added elegance. The most superb foot treatment for total relaxation.

Express Pedicure
For those who are busy, But still want to maintain their pedicure. Cut and file of your nails, cuticle work and polish
30mins – $60.00

Shellac Polish Hand/Toe Paint
A true innovation in chip free longer lasting gel polish. High gloss that’s truly addictive. Indulge in a hand or toe file and paint.

Shellac Polish on hands or feet 45mins – $69.00
Soak off only and no repaint  $25.00
Soak off and repaint shellac – $75.00
French OR Shellac add on – $25.00
Foot massage   15mins – $45.00
Soak off Shellac 15mins – $25.00
Foils or art work 15mins – $25.00
Paint Only
A quick paint of the nails (No Cuticle work, Cutting, Filing or Massage) great for someone on the go


Upper leg   30mins$68.00
Lip or chin   15mins$34.00
Lip and chin   15mins$48.00
Underarm   15mins$40.00
Bikini line   15mins$45.00
Brazilian first time   60mins$78.00
Brazilian maintenance   30mins$68.00
Male Brazilian First Time 60mins – $130.00
Male Brazilian Maintance 45mins – $85.00
Back or chest (upper arm extra $15.00)  30mins  – $68.00
Lower leg   30mins – $60.00
Upper leg and bikini   30mins$75.00
Full leg and bikini  60mins$90.00
Full leg    60mins  – $80.00
Arms   15mins  – $40.00
Mens Arm Wax 30mins – $45.00
Upper Arm 30mins$34.00
Back of thigh 15mins$32.00
Neck Wax 15mins – $30.00
Sides of face 15mins – $45.00

This is an exfoliating treatment that is a good choice for anyone who has fine facial hair (peach fuzz), sensitive skin, redness or rosacea, The dermaplaning treatment is done with a blade to gently exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells and remove fine facial hair.  A noticeable improvement is immediate with smoother texture and fresh skin appearance. Hair returns softer and products penetrate the skin better following this treatment
Full Facial treatment 30mins – $98.00
Half face only 20mins – $89.00
Dermaplanning full face/Pomegrante Peel together – $190.00

Lip Bleach
Recommended for 4-6 weeks to lighten hair around the lip and chin.
15mins  $35.00


IPL Hair Removal

With laser hair removal you can enjoy the benefits of smooth hair free skin all year round, so you can whip that cocktail dress out anytime of year.
Buy 2 areas get the third FREE

Consultation  – $30.00
Test Patch – $60.00
Shave of area – $20.00

Cheeks  – $180.00
Sides of Face  – $220.00
Womens Full Face  – $90.00
Front or Back of Neck  – $100.00
Jaw – $75.00
Hands – $120.00
Bottom lip/Upper lip – $70.00
Nipples – $70.00

Lower or Upper Arm  – $150.00
Full Arm  – $220.00

Bikini/Leg Areas/Body
Bikini  – $100.00
Extended Bikini  – $120.00
Full Brazilian  – $150.00
Under Arms  – $85.00
Tummy Line  – $70.00
Upper Legs  – $200.00
Lower Legs  – $200.00
Full Legs  – $250.00
Feet  – $125.00
Buttocks – $165.00

Full Back – $200.00
Full Back and Shoulders  – $220.00
Shoulders – $120.00
Chest  – $120.00
Back of Neck – $100.00


Eyelash Lift (Perm)
An effective way to make eyelashes look longer and fuller, non abrasive and look fantastic!
Eyelash Lift only    $75.00
Eyelash Lift and lash tint   $100.00

Revitalising Eyelift Treatment
A revitalising Eyelift around the eye area, great for puffiness and effective for fatigue dark circles around the eyes, This can also be added into your facial treatment
30mins $65.00   (Great to add to a facial treatment)

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions
Extend your eyelashes with our semi permanent lashes, which are attached to the original lash to give maximum length, volume, and enhanced curl. Fantastic for everyday wear or special occasions. Quick, inexpensive in fills are recommended every 2-3weeks to keep the lashes looking fabulous!
Full set eyelash extensions  – $100.00
In fills start from  – $68.00
Allow at least 1 hour for initial set (depending on condition of original lashes)
Removal   30mins    – $40.00
Full set Russian Lash Extensions – $130.00

Eye Treatments
Lash tint, brow tint, brow shape  30mins  – $68.00
Lash tint   30min  – $42.00
Brow tint   15mins  – $32.00
Brow shape   15mins  – $28.00
Hybrid Brow stain and shape 30mins $69.00
Hybrid tint only – 15mins $48.00

Brow Laminating
Brow lamination is basically a perm for your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for an extended period of time. Instead of curls, a setting lotion helps brow hair stay brushed up and lifted upward for about six weeks.
Brow laminating/Tint  45mins – $100.00



After facial makeup   30mins –  $45.00
Ball/Bridal party makeup    30mins – $80.00
Bridal Makeup Only 60mins – $92.00
Bridal Makeup trial 60mins- $92.00
Colour Match 15mins – $35.00
Make up Lesson 60mins – $92.00
Travel to destination      $40.00$60.00
Deposits required for booking of weddings

Laser Tattoo Removal/Permanent Makeup/Ombre Powder Brows

 Artistic Lining (Micro-Pigmentation/Permanent Makeup)
A safe, convenient way of having your makeup on permanently! We use vegetable dyes to achieve a safe, natural look.

Consultation – $30.00
Deposit of Treatment/Test Patch consultation  $60.00
Ombre Powder Brows/Feathering/Hairstrokes Eyebrows  $500.00
Bottom eyeliner /Top eyeliner   $500.00
Lip Liner $500.00
Lip Liner Blended $500.00
Medical Tattooing/Scarring or Areola Re-Pigmentation (Per Breast)   $500.00
Touch up of non- salon work is on consult or full price.
Ultralase Q-Switched ND YAG laser (Consultation of tattoo removal is necessary for the technician, to quote on price etc
The Ultralase Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser is specially designed for the purpose of tattoo removal. This laser allows very high-powered laser light to be delivered to the skin over a fraction of a second. This minimises any damage that could be caused by overheating the surrounding skin and hence any chance of scarring is greatly reduced.
Brows – $99.00
Stamp Size – $75.00
Business card size – $125.00
Small Palm Size –$150.00
Large Hand Size – $190.00
Sleeve – $199+

HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultra sound lifting firming treatment(Fat reduction the latest technology)

 HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultra Sound lifting Firming Treatment
A safe, convenient way of rejuvenating and lifting and contouring in one.
The process of skin regeneration and rejuvenation gradually continues as the collagen matrix is continually reformed, strengthened and re-modelled for up to 6 months. Best visible results are usually seen after 6-10 weeks. Firming and lifting of the skin will continue for up to 6 months after the treatment making it ideal for people who like to be discreet about their skin anti-ageing maintenance.
The HIFU beams through the surface of the skin to deliver precise fractional ultrasound energy to the SMAS layer at 4.5mm (muscle firming) and deeper dermis at 3mm (collagen induction) with no disruption to the outer skin surface

Consultation – $30.00
Test Patch – $60.00
Cheek area– $600
Jawline – $400
Neck –  $600
Forehead –  $400
Full Facelift/Including Neck  – $2000
Upper Arms – $600+
Tummy – $900+
Thighs Back or Front – $900
Buttock Area – $600
Other Body Treatments – On consultation