NEW Advanced Technology. Procell Therapies is a new, non-invasive biotechnology that’s offered nowhere else in New Zealand! Through a microchanneling delivery serum that utilises stem cells found naturally in bone marrow, this process has proven to induce healing in the skin without scars or lasting inflammation. The process delivers a breathtaking transformation, reducing fine lines, acne, stretch marks and more whilst promoting collagen for longer-lasting results.

So, if you’re looking to improve your skin’s elasticity, texture and tone, with a treatment that gives you the best look policy, Procell Therapies is the one to try. The process is acceptable for all skin types and is fairly non-invasive, with a quick recovery time.

The micro-stamping device, approved by Medsafe, creates a small, controlled skin injury that triggers healing, tricking the body into creating the two key building components for clear skin: collagen and elastin. These are the ‘microchannels’ that make up the Procell’s namesake, small enough to fit inside a hair follicle.

Procell Microchanneling Facial/Hair Treatments
Consultation  – $30.00

Facial Procell Microchanneling Treatments
Procell Face – 45mins  – $$360
Procell Face & Neck – 45mins  – $500.00
Procell Face & Neck & Decolletage –  60mins  – $650.00
Procell Face & Neck & Decolletage & Hands – 60mins – $800.00

Body Procell Microchanneling Treatments
Procell Body POA -45mins-$350+

Package Procell Microchanneling Treatments
Procell Face – 45mins – (3xPackage) $1080
Procell Face & Neck – 45mins – (3xPackage) $1500.00
Procell Face & Neck & Decolletage60mins – (3xPackage) $1950.00
Procell Face & Neck & Decolletage & Hands – 60mins (3xPackage) $2400.00

Hair Procell Microchanneling Treatments/Packages
Procell Hair Growth – 30mins-$320
Procell Hair Growth -30mins-(x6 Packages) $1920.00

All Packages will come with a complimentary PDT Light Therapy treatment and a Recommended trial package of $99 Stem Cell Skincare .